InnoGames - Behind the scenes of a gaming company

A company tour and different lectures concerning our company history as well as our different job possibilities give you insights in how we solve our mission: Make great games for our players!

Our different departments explain their work and show you their impact in forging the InnoGames Empire!

Of course you always have the possibility to ask questions and learn more about your favorite topics.

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  • Audiovisuelle Medien (Film, Fernsehen, Hörfunk, Theater)
  • Games-Entwicklung
  • Informationstechnologie/Netzwerke
  • Informationstechnologie/Programmierung
  • (Online-)Marketing
  • Printmedien
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

  • Analytisch
  • Gestalterisch
  • Kaufmännisch
  • Mathematisch
  • Organisatorisch
  • Sprachlich
  • Technisch

11:00 - 13:00
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Frau Kira Friedrichs
Talent Acquisition Management
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